Concrete Finishing

A concrete finish refers to the final surface treatment applied to concrete, enhancing its appearance, texture, and durability.

Finish Services Include:

  • Hard trowel

  • Stamped

  • broom finish

  • acid etch

  • exposed aggregate

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Descriptions of our finishes

HARD TROWEL - A finish that is most commonly used in garages or large-scale jobs such as, storages, restaurants, Hardware slabs, and can even be used in small scale residential properties

STAMPED - Stamped finish is a unique and customizable finish that comes in any stylish form that you want examples are Brick patterns, Rock patterns, Stone patterns, etc. this finish is highly sought after and is currently trending.

BROOM FINISH - one of the most common and desirable finishes to date which consists of little lines that run side to side of the concrete, this finish is best for traction on your shoes or wheels during all seasons even if there is ice on the floor (Mind you we can't guarantee you won't slip). This finish can be used in driveways and in walkways.

ACID ETCH - This finish pertains a gradient sandy texture that looks nice and looks great on driveways and walkways and can even be applied to walls!

EXPOSED AGGREGATE - achieved by throwing thick rocks on the concrete and laying them just above the top of the surface to achieve very exposed aggregates [rocks or pebbles]

Utilizing eco-friendly concrete reduces environmental impact, promotes sustainability, and contributes to a healthier planet by minimizing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources.

green sprout between concrete bricks
green sprout between concrete bricks